Dyno Tuning

We specialize in high-performance tuning of many makes and models using our state-of-the-art Dyno system made by Dynapack.

Based in Ottawa, we operate mainly at the Performance Boutique in the west end of the Capital region.

Toyota Solara V6

 We currently support 2 Wheel Drive vehicles. *Some 4WD vehicles can still be run by electronically disabling or physically removing the shaft.

We are proud to announce that we are now available for private tuning and dyno-day events anywhere in Ontario! 

That's right! WE bring the Dyno to YOU. Please Contact us for more info!


At 800 lbs each, they must be secured well for travel!


We focus on the science of the tune, more appropriately - calibrating. We work on all aspects of the tune - sensor setup, MAF calibration, idle, tip-in, warm-up, wide-open, mid-range & much more. Our dyno features a hydraulic loading system allowing us to dial-in any area of the tune.

The hub-dyno changes the game when it comes to accuracy - no tires to distort the readings. Safety benefits as well, no rollers to get sucked into and best of all no straps / stress on your control arms or the possibility of a dyno fail!

I like how smooth and quiet it is - no tire/roller noise - all motor babeh!

Our spindles support most 4 & 5 bolt combinations.

We also have adapter for 6-bolt & 8-bolt pickup trucks / SUV's!


Don't forget powersports!!!


Here are some recently tuned vehicles!

MK4 Supra - EcuMaster

MK3 Supra - Vipec


MK2 Supra - Megasquirt


Nissan Skyine R32 - RB25 Swap - ECUMaster EMUBlack

skyline r32 gts-t

Honda S2000 Supercharged - AEM Infinity

1980 Lotus Esprit - DTA Fast standalone

Honda Prelude - Hondata
Nissan 350z - Greddy Twin Turbo - Tuned with UpRev
Foxbody Mustang - On3Performance Turbo Kit - Megasquirt PNP
VW Jetta 1.8T - Eurodyne
Honda Civic K20 w Skunk2 Cams - Ktuner
Fiat 500 Abarth - Doverlabs
Nissan 370z - ECUTEK
Miata with turbo kit - Megasquirt PNP
Lexus GS300 / 2JZ Swap - MS3PRO & Microsquirt Auto Transmission controller
BMW E30 w/Stage 2 Cams & Long Tube Headers - Megasquirt PNP
BMW E30 (M52 Swap w/Turbo) - Ecumaster w/PnP Harness
BMW E90 (M52 Swap w/Turbo) - MS3PRO
Acura TSX K24 - Ktuner
VW GTI - Eurodyne
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