Dyno Tuning

***Please note - We are no longer tuning in the Ottawa Region***

We have moved to Toronto, and will resume operations in the GTA summer 2023. 

We recommend BR Tuning @ Calabogie for professional tuning near the capital region. 

We apologize for any inconvenience. 




We specialize in high-performance tuning of many makes and models using our state-of-the-art Dyno system made by Dynapack.

Toyota Solara V6

 We currently support 2 Wheel Drive vehicles. *Some 4WD vehicles can still be run by electronically disabling or physically removing the shaft.




We focus on the science of the tune, more appropriately - calibrating. We work on all aspects of the tune - sensor setup, MAF calibration, idle, tip-in, warm-up, wide-open, mid-range & much more. Our dyno features a hydraulic loading system allowing us to dial-in any area of the tune.

The hub-dyno changes the game when it comes to accuracy - no tires to distort the readings. Safety benefits as well, no rollers to get sucked into and best of all no straps / stress on your control arms or the possibility of a dyno fail!

I like how smooth and quiet it is - no tire/roller noise - all motor babeh!

Our spindles support most 4 & 5 bolt combinations. 

We also have adapter for 6-bolt & 8-bolt pickup trucks / SUV's!




Here are some recently tuned vehicles!

MK4 Supra - EcuMaster

MK3 Supra - Vipec


MK2 Supra - Megasquirt


Nissan Skyine R32 - RB25 Swap - ECUMaster EMUBlack

skyline r32 gts-t

Honda S2000 Supercharged - AEM Infinity

1980 Lotus Esprit - DTA Fast standalone

Honda Prelude - Hondata
Nissan 350z - Greddy Twin Turbo - Tuned with UpRev
Foxbody Mustang - On3Performance Turbo Kit - Megasquirt PNP
Honda Civic K20 w Skunk2 Cams - Ktuner
Fiat 500 Abarth - Doverlabs
Nissan 370z - ECUTEK
Miata with turbo kit - Megasquirt PNP
Lexus GS300 / 2JZ Swap - MS3PRO & Microsquirt Auto Transmission controller
BMW E30 w/Stage 2 Cams & Long Tube Headers - Megasquirt PNP
BMW E30 (M52 Swap w/Turbo) - Ecumaster w/PnP Harness
BMW E90 (M52 Swap w/Turbo) - MS3PRO
Acura TSX K24 - Ktuner
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