We have moved to Toronto!

***Please note - We are no longer tuning in the Ottawa Region***

We have moved to Toronto, and will resume operations in the GTA spring 2024. 

Looking for an alternative in Ottawa? We recommend BR Tuning @ Calabogie for professional tuning.

Looking for an alternative in Toronto? We recommend Definitive Tuning or Dyna Motorsports for professional tuning.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 


Property owner? Know a buddy who has a shop for rent, suitable for a dyno shop? -->> Finders fee $500! Must be zoned for auto and also able to tolerate car winding out all day long. Can't be near residentials or adjacent to offices.


Custom Tuning

Dyno Tuning right here in Ottawa!

Two-Wheel Drive Chassis Dyno w/load control

*Custom Race Tuning*

*Alternative Fuel Tuning*

*Dyno Rental Service - Bring your tuner*

*Horsepower measurement & data-logging*

*Carburated vehicle tuning - bring your jets!*

*Engine building & design services*

ECU Chipping

*Professional ECU socketing*

*Chip/daughterboard install & repair*

 *EFI conversions - Making classics modern* 

*Wiring & Electrical Services*

*Custom racecar harnesses*

*Gauge installs*

If there's wiring involved - we'll get it to sing and dance!

Performance Parts

Exhaust Systems


Standalone ECU's




Turbo Kits

Supercharger Kits


Horsepower HQ

Toronto, Ontario

By Appointment Only.