Hello everyone!

We are available by appointment only, evenings at 6pm and Saturdays.

We are located in Mississauga, Ontario

We offer dyno rental and tuning services - We only work on the following systems:
-Standalones (Link/Megasquirt/Holley/Speeduino/AEM/Haltech/MoTec/EcuMaster & Others)
-ECUTek (370z/BRZ/FRS)
-Uprev(OBD2 Nissans)


For our Ottawa client-base, we are now offering tuning services at the Smith Tuning Dyno in Trenton, Ontario. It's about half-way to Toronto. This will be on weekends only by appointment.

This dyno is a Mustang Dynamometer MD-600. Features dual 20" rollers and 2000HP Eddy Brake. It can do RPM holds for steady state tuning, road simulations, pulls and also features a drag-racing mode with a tree!


Custom Tuning

Dyno Tuning right here in Mississauga!

Two-Wheel Drive Chassis Dyno w/load control

*Custom Race Tuning*

*Dyno Rental Service - Bring your tuner*

*Horsepower measurement & data-logging*

ECU Chipping

*Professional ECU socketing*

*Chip/daughterboard install*