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UpRev Tuner - For the do it yourself types who are familiar and capable of tuning their own vehicles or the enthusiast looking for a better alternative to Stand-Alone ECU and Piggyback systems.

The UpRev Interface Cable is the link between your Windows™ based laptop and your OBD II port on UpRev re-flashed vehicles. The Interface Cable is included with the purchase of UpRev Standard, UpRev Tuner, and UpRev Tuner Add on. All cable sales include our zip case as well as a flash drive with Osiris software (Please ensure you update the software after installation!)


*Please note this product does not come with 'tunes' pre-loaded. You must take this to a dyno shop for tuning or DIY! If you want to get tuned with us, and don't need the dongle - we can license your car with our Dealer dongle, saving you over $300! (most cases dyno tuned & out the door for 1200 CAD + HST). 

Please note we are not liable for any changes YOU make to the software in your vehicle. We highly recommend a professional calibration.