Turbo Speed Sensor Kit, for 5-ch Analog with Frequency Module

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This turbo speed sensor is universal and designed to fit almost any turbocharger. Turbo speed is a critical parameter to ensure that your turbocharger is operating at peak efficiency and in a safe operating point. The data is very useful in comparing turbo or boost response due to upgrading or modifying various components of the boost air system. The sensor is plug and play with the iDash 1.8 when used with the Banks 5 ch analog with frequency module. Setup is simple and only the blade count needs to be input to configure the sensor for your turbocharger.
  • M6 x 0.5mm thread for universal install
  • Plug and play with iDash and 5 ch analog with frequency module
  • Contain internal signal processing circuitry for an accurate measurement
  • Measures up to 400,000 RPM