Hondata Reflash - Civic Si 2012-2015

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Reflash your 2012-2015 Civic Si or ILX engine computer.

  • Fuel, ignition and cam timing optimized.
  • VTEC point unchanged
  • Rev limiter raised to 7500 rpm
  • Speed limiter removed
  • 10-15 top end hp gain depending on the dyno and modifications
  • 5-12 ft lb top end torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • California emissions legal (CARB EO D-742)

This is for an ECU reflash - the ECU is not included. Hondata does not sell direct - the reflash must be purchased from a Hondata dealer. The ECU reflash form must be sent with your ECU.

Sales Region US
EPA/CARB status (USA) CARB EO D-742
Model Civic
Year 2012-2015
Market US
Trim Si
Engine K24
Transmission MT
Code K24Z7
Part Number 37820-RX0-A03 to 37820-RX0-A12



Does this fix 'rev hang'?

'Rev hang' is where the engine speed continues to rise even after the throttle is released while shifting. It also can be felt while driving slowly, where the vehicle surges forward after the throttle is released. The reflash reduces the 'rev hang' effect to a minimum.

Does the reflash work well at altitude

The additional power from the reflash is generated by modifying the fuel, ignition and cam angles. There are 10 tuning air pressure positions from sea level to vacuum. Hondata tunes at sea level.

As you rise in altitude, the air pressure reduces. This does not affect the fuel and cam angle changes, but it does affect the ignition changes . At around 8000 feet altitude there is no difference between the ignition timing for a stock and a reflashed ECU. At around 3700 feet, the ignition changes are a around half that of sea level.

Altitude changes do not affect the improvement Hondata has made to rev hang.

What if you have modifications?

This program was not tuned specifically for an intake. Any correctly designed intake or exhaust modification should work well with this reflash.

Will this affect my warranty?

Any increase in RPM limit is at your own risk. If you suffer engine damage that is related to excessive revs Honda / Acura will not cover your warranty.

With regard to aftermarket parts, the law is that warranty coverage cannot be denied simply because such parts are present on the vehicle, or have been used. For more details read the K series FAQ.