PowerPack Bundle for 2001-2003 GM Class-A Motorhome 8.1L, W20/W22, Driver-side tailpipe exit

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Banks PowerPack features a revolutionary new Ram-Air intake system* that delivers greater airflow and air density for more power. A pair of stainless-steel, tuned-length TorqueTubes exhaust manifolds provide stunning torque output when you want it. Pass, merge and climb as you please: your PowerPacked coach won't break a sweat. Achieve best gains of +70 hp and +92 lb-ft torque at the rear wheels, with better fuel economy - and never require high octane.

Important: Some vehicle configurations require an extension kit for proper fit.

*Note: Banks Ram-Air intake system available for W-Series only. P-series chassis with wheelbases over 190 inch require extension kit. W-series chassis do not require extension kit.

Includes: Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake System, TorqueTube Exhaust Manifold System, Monster Exhaust System, Chrome Tailpipe, Heatshield, Banks Power Urocal, CARB Decal, Includes all necessary hardware.

  • Optimizes airflow, air density, continuous power & MPG
  • Adds up to +70 hp and +92 lb-ft (rear wheel)
  • Honors the host vehicle & improves longevity
  • Pass, merge, and climb effortlessly
  • CHROME tip

Emissions Compliant: D-161-75

US Patent #6,634,171 B1

Motorhome Power

Gasoline: GM 8.1L Workhorse
Test vehicle: 2004 Workhorse W-22, GM 8.1L V-8
Transmission: 5-speed Allison

GM 8.1L Workhorse Horsepower
GM 8.1L Workhorse Torque

GM 8.1L Workhorse Airflow
GM 8.1L Workhorse Exhaust Backpressure
GM 8.1L Workhorse Muffler Flow

GM 8.1L Workhorse Acceleration
GM 8.1L Workhorse Hill-climb and Economy

PowerPack® System with AutoMind Stock Banks Improvement Results
Horsepower: Best gain (hp) 222.2
@4200 rpm
@4200 rpm
+70.2 hp 32% more
Horsepower: Peak-to-peak (hp) 222.2
@4000 rpm
@4200 rpm
+70.2 hp 32% more
Torque: Best gain (lb-ft) 302.3
@3800 rpm
@3800 rpm
+92.3 lb-ft 31% more
Torque: Peak-to-peak (lb-ft) 314.2
@3400 rpm
@3500 rpm<
+85.9 lb-ft 27% more
Acceleration, 0-60 mph Time (sec) 23.08 18.72 -4.36 sec 19% quicker
Acceleration, 0-60 mph Distance (ft) 1,252 1,001 -251 ft 20% less
Acceleration, 40-60 mph Time (sec) 11.12 8.84 -2.28 sec 21% quicker
Acceleration, 40-60 mph Distance (ft) 831 658 -173 ft 21% less
Maximum speed, hill-climb (mph) 6% grade 57
(3rd Gear)
(4th Gear)
+10 mph 18% faster
Fuel Economy (mpg) 55-MPH, 7% grade 2.68 3.26 +0.58 mpg 22% better
Fuel Economy (mpg) 70-MPH, 0% grade 7.19 7.78 +0.59 mpg 8% better