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From the factory FK2/FK8 ECUs cannot be programmed over OBDII and must be unlocked ('jailbroken').


An 'Instant Jailbreak' allows your FlashPro to jailbreak your FK2/FK8 ECU in your vehicle without the need to remove the ECU.

You will need a FlashPro and the FlashProManager software installed.  It does not matter if the FlashPro is locked to the ECU or not.

Before purchasing an instant jailbreak


  • Make sure you ECU is supported. See 'specification'.
  • 2020-2021 US vehicles need to bypass the CAN gateway using the Jailbreaker for the instant jailbreak to work. If you try to use an instant jailbreak on to 2020+ vehicle without the jailbreaker, the ECU will need to be sent to Hondata for recovery.
  • If your ECU has been 'bench reflashed' then the ECU must be returned to 100% original condition for jailbreaking.


Purchasing the instant jailbreak

It is important to enter your VIN correctly. US vehicle VINs start with SHHFK8.  Outside the US VINs may start with SHHFK8, FK8 or FK2. For this reason we recommend using the 'Copy' button on the 'FlashPro' window to copy and paste the VIN rather than hand entering the VIN.  The VIN needs to be entered in uppercase only.  Don't mistake the letter O for zeros.

If you type in your VIN our observation is that there is a 25% chance you will make a mistake and it will not work for you, so you will have to contact us and wait to get it fixed.  If you take the easy option of using the copy button in FlashProManager then you have a 100% chance of it working straight away.

  • Plug the FlashPro into your vehicle, switch on the ignition.  Open the 'FlashPro' window and select the 'Jailbreak' tab.  Check the vehicle VIN is shown.
  • Copy the VIN (to the computer clipboard).
  • Purchase this product 'Instant Jailbreak' using your vehicle VIN.

Before jailbreaking

  • Make sure your software is the latest beta version.
  • Make sure your FlashPro is registered
  • Do not jailbreak your ECU if it is in recovery mode. You can tell if your ECU is in recovery mode by looking in FlashProManager at the status icons in the bottom left corner.


Whatever happens do not switch off the ignition or try to start the engine until the jailbreak process is successfully completed.  If you do either of those two things you will need to send the ECU to Hondata for recovery.

  • If you have a 2020+ plug in the jailbreaker
  • Plug the FlashPro into your vehicle, switch on the ignition.  Open the 'FlashPro' window and select the 'Jailbreak' tab.
  • Enter the Invoice / Order ID number from your online purchase. The  Invoice / Order ID number is found in the email sent after completing your order and also in your history.
  • Click 'Instant Jailbreak'.  The process takes 30 seconds.

If something goes wrong do not switch off the ignition or try to start the engine.  Try the jailbreak again, and if that does not work unplug the FlashPro from both the laptop and OBDII connector, restart the FlashProManager software and try the jailbreak again.


Part Number 37820-5BF-A04 to A05
37820-5BF-A21to A23