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Injen 1031BLK - Hydro Shield Black Pre-Filter

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* this is not a filter element, just the water sock*

The Hydro Shield Pre-Filter from Injen has been designed and engineered from highly durable polyester. The polyester has equal micron openings that filter particles from 0.005÷ and above. All Injen's Hydro Shield Pre-Filter has undergone a treatment process at the factory, which is called the hydrophobic process. It makes this application water repellant whilst maintaining consistent air flow without any hindrance to horsepower gains from the air filter. It is very easy to install and comes in two colors black and red. It helps prevent larger debris from congesting the air filter early.


  • Filter Color: Black
  • Top Diameter: 5.00"
  • Base Diameter: 5.00"
  • Filter Height: 4.875"
  • Note: For Use with Filter PN[X-1049/X-1062]


  • Comes in different sizes to fit all Injen air filters
  • Quality workmanship
  • Made from water repellant material
  • Prevents larger debris from clogging up the air filter prematurely
  • Simple design with easy installation