Hondata Reflash - Accord 2013-2015 V6 MT

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Reflash your 2013 Accord V6 MT engine computer.

  • Ignition timing optimized.
  • Rev limit increased to 7300 rpm
  • Speed limiter removed.
  • 5 lb-ft increase in mid-range torque.
  • 5 Hp mid-range increase.
  • Fully dealer compatible - works with all Honda scan tools and equipment.
  • California emissions legal (CARB EO D-742)

This is for an ECU reflash - the ECU is not included.  Hondata does not sell direct - the reflash must be purchased from a Hondata dealer. The ECU reflash form must be sent with your ECU.

Sales Region US
EPA/CARB status (USA) CARB EO D-742
Model Accord
Year 2013-2015
Market US
Engine V6
Transmission MT
Part Number 37820-5G2-A110 to 37820-5G2-A130
37820-5G2-A020 to 37820-5G2-A070


Tuning Notes

This is a very strong engine. It is one of the best V6s we have tested.


The reflash has been tested with an Injen intake and works well. This combination gives 15 lb-ft tq and 13hp. The Hondata reflash will work with any well designed intake.

The Hondata reflash will also work well with any exhaust system modifications.

Can I use this reflash with high octane fuel?

Yes. Although this  reflash was tuned with regular gasoline, using a higher octane fuel will increase the power and torque. The reflash works very well with low or high octane fuel.