Hondata FlashPro Accord 2008-2010 Non-US

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The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging for your 2008-2010 Accord. It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager.The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port to provide live tuning with a variety of calibrations, extensive real time and stored datalogging capabilities.

Sales Market

This FlashPro is not for sale in the US/Canada.


The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging of selected 2008-2010 non-US Accords. It includes Windows based software called FlashPro Manager.

The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicle's diagnostic port to provide real time programming, a variety of calibrations and extensive datalogging capabilities.

Sales Region Outside US/Canada Only
Model Accord
Year 2008-2010
Market Australia, Europe, Russia, South Africa, UK
Part Number RL6-Q01 through RL6-Q03
RL6-Q51 through RL6-Q53
RL6-Q71 through RL6-Q73
RL6-E01 through RL6-E05
RL6-E11 through RL6-E15
RL6-E21 through RL6-E25
RL6-E31 through RL6-E35
RL6-E51 through RL6-E55
RL6-E61 through RL6-E65
RL6-E71 through RL6-E74
RL6-E81 through RL6-E84
RL6-R01 through RL6-R04
RL6-R11 through RL6-R12
RL6-R21 through RL6-R24
RL6-R31 through RL6-R32
RL6-R51 through RL6-R53
RL6-R61 through RL6-R63
RL6-R71 through RL6-R73
RL6-R81 through RL6-R83
RL6-N01 through RL6-N03
RL6-N21 through RL6-N23
RL6-N51 through RL6-N53
RL6-N71 through RL6-N73
RL6-G01 through RL6-G05
RL6-G21 through RL6-G26
RL6-G51 through RL6-G53
RL6-G71 through RL6-G73

Accord tuning features

  • Ignition, fuel, idle speed, table editing.
  • VTEC window.
  • MAP sensor based tuning.
  • Rev and launch limiters.
  • Map tracing  & lambda overlay.
  • Expanded fuel ignition and knock tables for forced induction.
  • 4 bar MAP sensor support (43 psi).
  • Support for larger injectors.
  • Injector latency / dead time.
  • Individual cylinder fuel & ignition trim.
  • Individual cylinder knock control
  • Starting calibrations for NA, forced induction & larger injectors.

What sort of improvements can I expect?
Gains will depend on fuel type, suitability of bolt-ons and tuning. By way of example this K47Z7 engined 09 TSX was baselined at the dyno with a test pipe, 06 Civic Si intake manifold and replacement air filter. All gains (35 hp) were made from FlashPro tuning.


How do I tell if my FlashPro supports Bluetooth?

From July 2013 some FlashPros shipped from Hondata including Bluetooth.

From Jan 1 2014, all FlashPros shipped from Hondata include Bluetooth.

FlashPros sold before the dates in the table below do not support Bluetooth. To confirm if your FlashPro supports Bluetooth follow this procedure:

  • Launch FlashPro Manager
  • Plug in the FlashPro to your USB port.
  • Press the FlashPro button, tab, then hardware.
  • If Bluetooth is present, Yes will be indicated.
  • If you do not see 'Bluetooth present' at all, then you are using an older version of FlashProManager and need to update.  This does not mean that you don't have a FlashPro with a Bluetooth radio.
  • If 'Bluetooth present' is No, your FlashPro does not have Bluetooth. You may upgrade your FlashPro is you wish.

FlashPro Model Sold after Date
06-11 Civic Si US 11/7/2013
06-11 Civic Si /Type R  International 9/27/2013
06-11 Civic R18 8/20/2013
06-up S2000 US 7/23/2013
06-up S2000 International 10/4/2013
TSX US 8/22/2013
2012+up Civic Si & ILX 7/29/2013
CR-Z International 10/17/2013
TL US 10/8/2013
Accord Int. All FlashPros compatible 7/9/2013
RDX US All FlashPros compatible 9/3/2013
CR-Z US 12/17/2013
Fit US 12/3/2013