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With no filter to clog, start and end your ride with the same great airflow. Based on technology used by the military, our helmet air pumper system removes 99.36% of the dust without a filter to provide you with consistent airflow throughout your ride.

Plus, everything you need for RZR, X3 and Wild Cat installations now comes all in one box. Here's what you get:
  • (1) Helmet Particle Separator Assembly
  • (2) 6' Flexible Pumper Hoses
  • (4) Bar Mount Kits (1.75", 1.85", 2" and 2.5")
  • (3) Hose Hanger Mount Kits (1.75", 1.85", 2")

Helmet Particle Separator

Thank you for purchasing your new S&B Filters Helmet Particle Separator. If at any time you need additional assistance with installation or have any other questions or comments, feel free to call our customer support team at 909-947-0015.

You can also take advantage of our live chat at www.sbfilters.com and connect with an S&B representative immediately. We hope you enjoy your new S&B Filters product and thank you for your continued support.

Tools Required

  • 4mm Hex Key
  • 5mm Hex Key
  • 13mm Wrench or Socket Wrench

Thread Locker Use
We have provided a small tube of thread locker in your kit. Whenever you see the symbol above on a step of the instructions apply 1 small drop of the thread locker to the threads of the screws or bolts. This will keep your hardware from vibrating loose during rough driving. If the hardware ever needs to be removed, do so slowly to avoid having the inserts strip out from the plastic.

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This equipment should be installed, adjusted, and serviced by personnel familiar with the construction and operation of this type of equipment and the hazards involved. failure to observe this precaution could result in severe injury. read this manual thoroughly and make sure you understand the procedures before you attempt to operate this equipment. the purpose of this manual is to provide you with information necessary to safely operate, maintain, and troubleshoot this equipment. do not use this equipment for any reason other than its intended purpose. failure to follow these instructions will void any warranty. keep this manual for future reference. the information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice. If you are a Technician installing the Helmet PS for the customer, please remember to give the instruction sheet included with this kit to the customer. Verify that the customer has access to all the information required for proper use of the Helmet PS..

Product will intake and expel both air and loose materials with high force and velocity. Install product by affixing to the rear upper or rear lower roll bar and ensure the air inlet is not blocked.
• If using product with only one rider, place provided rubber cap over helmet air output port not in use. Failure to do so may result in low pressure and low flow to the port that is in use. It will also lead to possible contamination of the clean air chamber resulting in a greater chance of debris entering the connected helmet.
• Do not place face, hair, extremities, clothing, or other loose material in front of air inlet or outlet during use.
• Install product by affixing to the rear upper or rear lower roll bar to avoid placing hair, extremities, clothing, or other loose material in front of air inlet during use.

Moving parts are sharp and could cause personal injury.

• Keep fan safety cages, blower outlet, and exhaust cover in place while operating and after service.
• Disconnect product from power source before servicing. Product is designed to filter approximately 99% of solid particulate, such as dirt and dust. No filtration device is 100% effective, and users may still experience distribution of dirt/dust within their helmet. To minimize this experience, ensure connection of the product to user helmet at either of three locations. Directly on the helmet at the top right, top left, or top center ports. Connection of the product to another location on the user helmet may increase the risk of use inhalation or eye exposure to dirt, dust, or other solid particulate matter.

Product is designed for use in conjunction with an ATV’s operating manual, and state and federal law.
• Keep your seat belt fastened and wear a helmet while operating the vehicle.
• Improper installation, maintenance or operation could cause serious injury or property damage.

Periodically check the following:

• the Helmet PS exhaust fan and blower fan making sure they are working properly and blowing out air like when it was new.
• the fasteners of the Helmet PS assembly making sure they are tight and secured.
• the mounting brackets, straps and fasteners making sure they are tight and secured.
• the wire harness for any signs of wear making sure it is secured and away from any hot or moving components.

Caution: The S&B Helmet Separator is not a respiratory system and is not capable of filtering 100% of particulate matter, including dust. Dust, dirt, and other particulates may be inhaled by the user while using this device.