Fuel Hanger, Nissan R35 GT-R

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This in-tank fuel hanger is compatible with the following models:

2009-2020 Nissan GT-R
(all trims, LH and RH drive)


The Radium Engineering fuel hanger completely replaces the factory in-tank fuel pump unit in the R35 GT-R and permits up to three 39mm diameter aftermarket pumps (brushed or brushless) to supply fuel to the engine. No permanent vehicle modifications are required for installation. The pumps are housed in an aluminum collector box that is kept full during operation. This ensures that fuel starvation does not occur, even during aggressive driving. The fuel pump outlet port is -10AN ORB female threaded, while the return port is -8AN ORB female threaded. The system is compatible with alternative fuels such as methanol, ethnaol, E85, etc. Radium Engineering recommends reviewing the installation instructions (link above) before purchasing.

-Drop-In OEM Replacement
-Permits 1, 2, or 3 Pumps
-Fuel Starvation Protection
-Integrated 1-Way Fill Valve
-High Current Electrical Hardware
-Compatible with Various Pumps
-Anodized Aluminum Construction
-10AN ORB Threaded Outlet Port
-8AN ORB Threaded Return Port
-6-Hole Fuel Return Diverter
-Anodized Aluminum Collector Box
-Fuel Resistant Tubing and Wiring
-OEM Hard Line Compatible
-Stainless Steel Hardware
-Gasoline, Methanol, and Ethanol Compliant


For more details including installation photos: Click Here