Exhaust Headers w/AutoMind Programmer, TorqueTubes Exhaust Headers with AutoMind Programmer, Y-pipe and heat shielding with hardware for 2005-2006 Ford Class-C Motorhome 6.8L, E350

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Virtually indestructible 100 percent stainless TorqueTubes maximize exhaust extraction, unleashing gobs of torque. Bulletproof 100 percent stainless construction. Ultra-thick, 5/8 inch flanges welded on both sides and machined perfectly flat. Fits so tight, it mounts without need for sealant or gaskets. Seamless pulse extractor tuned to pull exhaust and slash backpressure. Stainless Y-pipe assembly with seamless Y-collector. Designed to run cooler to protect expensive plug wires. No need for factory heatshields. 5-Year Limited Warranty

Torque Tube Exhaust Header System with AutoMind Programmer for use with 2005-2006 Ford 6.8L V-10 Class-C Motorhome, E-350

  • Virtually indestructible 100% Stainless Steel
  • Mandrel-formed tubes tune exhaust flow for maximum torque
  • Maximize exhaust extraction
  • Flanges welded on both sides, then milled flat
  • Seamless high-velocity collector
  • Pulls exhaust and slashes backpressure
  • Exclusive 4-2-1 design
  • 5/8 inch thick flanges won't warp or flex
  • Includes Y-pipe, heat shielding and AutoMind (required)
  • Designed to run cooler to protect expensive plug wires
  • No need for factory heatshields

Emissions Compliant: D-161-105, D-161-76


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