Derringer Tuner, with iDash DataMonster for 2019+ Ram 1500 and 2020+ Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator 3.0L EcoDiesel

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  • 1 second faster 0-60 time!
  • Adds up to 57 hp and 73 lb-ft
  • 4.3 truck length lead in in the 1/4 mile
  • Each level adds approximately 10hp each
  • Tune works seamlessly while in cruise-control
  • AutoRate tunes in realtime using vehicle diagnostics
  • 6 power levels can be changed on-the-fly with the iDash
  • Warranty safe: no reflash required and no traces left in ECM
  • Interfaces with OBD-II Port to communicate with the vehicle
  • Experience huge torque and horsepower gains for tow and fun
  • Simple plug-and-play install with easy removal for dealer service
  • Display DPF regen status and DEF level
  • TransCommand protects transmission
  • ActiveSafety protects engine/powertrain
  • Supplied SD card stores hundreds of hours of datalogs
  • DataMonster logs up to 20 min/max value custom alerts
  • iDash displays 5 custom pages of 2-8 gauges per page
  • Update Derringer firmware through iDash microSD card
  • View data logs on iDash or transfer to computer for analysis
  • iDash shows real-time bar graph of Derringers's added power
  • iDash displays temps, pressures, speeds, info your dashboard won't
  • iDash displays selectable alerts for speed, coolant temp, trans slip, etc

Emissions Compliant: 49 State

US Patent # 7,593,808 & # 7,254,477


AutoRate® Dynamic Tuning

The Derringer calibration is continuously adjusting to provide peak performance under every driving condition. By utilizing the power of the OBD-II data, the tuner intelligently fine-tunes its calibration on the fly without you having to change its power level.

  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) - Monitors EGT and intelligently modulates fueling to maintain a safe maximum EGT, protecting your turbo and engine.
  • Altitude compensation - Senses ambient air pressure, controlling the turbocharger to maintain added boost and power as altitude increases.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regen - Monitors your DPF regen status to ensure the process completes successfully.
  • Accelerator Pedal Monitoring – Rolls in additional power progressively, optimizing for both part-throttle fuel economy and max power when you ask for it.
  • Full Power Timer - Allows for 30 seconds of wide-open throttle before transitioning to the recommended power level for sustained tow/haul.
  • Coolant Temperature Monitoring - Maintains safe power based on coolant temp.
    • During warmup, no power is added below 120° F
    • Power is ramped in and fully available above 150° F
    • If the coolant overheats for any reason, the Derringer starts removing its power at 230° F
    • Additional power is totally removed if you exceed 240° F

TransCommand® Active Transmission Safety System

The Derringer is calibrated to modulate power during shifting while ramping up hydraulic pressure for better engagement. Competitors lack OBD-II data and always add power at wide-open throttle causing excessive transmission, clutch, and torque converter slip and damage.

  • Intelligent Shift Tuning - Shift signal is optimized for the power level protecting the transmission, increasing shift speed, and avoiding ECM power derates.
  • Boost and Fuel by Gear - Calibration is tuned for optimum traction and performance providing the right firmness of shift automatically.
  • Tuned Hydraulic Pressure - Ramps hydraulic pressure faster than stock, maintaining engagement as power is added safely within factory limits.
  • Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) Monitoring - Adjusts TCC slip to safe levels, lowering fluid temperature, and preventing extended wear.
  • Transmission Slip Monitoring - Light throttle shifts remain smooth and firm, full-throttle shifts are solid and decisive.
    • This reduction in slip time also improves acceleration performance, an added benefit!