Derringer Tuner Requires iDash (not included) for 2017-2019 Chevy/GMC 2500 HD 6.6L Duramax, L5P

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Derringer adds more torque and horsepower throughout the powerband than the competition safely and reliably letting you pull the grade without downshifting. Step up to some serious reliable and dependable power day in and day out, with the Banks Derringer.

  • Adds up to 61 hp and 112 lb-ft
  • Each level adds over 10 hp and 18 lb-ft each
  • 6 power levels can be changed on-the-fly with the iDash
  • AutoRate will tune in realtime using vehicle diagnostics
  • Interfaces with OBD-II Port to communicate with the vehicle
  • Experience huge torque and horsepower gains for tow and fun
  • Simple plug-and-play install with easy removal for dealer service
  • Works while in cruise-control
  • TransCommand protects transmission
  • ActiveSafety protects engine/powertrain
  • DPF regen status and DEF level, displayed
  • Warranty safe: no reflash required and no traces left in ECM
  • DPF mobile and stationary regen commanded via iDash (2017-19)

Emissions Compliant: D-161-120

A Tuner Above The Rest

Experience huge gains in torque and power gains across the full operating rpm range, starting right off idle and marching to the shift point in each gear. Derringer is dyno calibrated to use multiple data inputs such as throttle position, rpm, vehicle speed, AFR, knock, coolant temperature, and EGT, just like your engine's ECM. It actively and safely optimizes calibrations in real-time thanks to its OBD-II connectivity. No competitive tuner does that.

The electronics are enclosed in a compact housing which is easily concealed and communicates with other Banks devices such as our iDash DataMonster, iDash SuperGauge, and PedalMonster throttle booster. The Derringer connects in line with your truck's engine sensors. But unlike other tuners, it also connects to the vehicle's OBD-II diagnostic bus.

Choose Your Power

Derringer has 6 levels, adjustable on-the-fly using the iDash. Level 6 produces best-in-class performance. Level 3 is designed for work use and has a great mid-range feel. When running Level 3 with a loaded truck and/or pulling a trailer, your on-ramp merging speeds and passing times are greatly improved.

Tuned Safe

ActiveSafety health monitoring circuitry keeps an eye on the vehicle and the module itself. It checks its health 100 times a second. If it detects an issue, the Derringer instantly bypasses itself, sets a device diagnostic code, and seamlessly returns the truck to stock power. Plus, Derringer's special coolant temp monitoring prevents power addition when the engine is too cold or overheated. The Derringer also auto-adjusts power if knock occurs due to bad fuel. Maximum safe power is all automatic with a Derringer — you just choose your preferred power level and enjoy the ride.


AutoRate® Dynamic Tuning

The Derringer calibration is continuously adjusting to provide peak performance under every driving condition. By utilizing the power of the OBD-II data, the tuner intelligently fine-tunes its calibration on the fly without you having to change its power level.

  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) - Monitors EGT and intelligently modulates fueling to maintain a safe maximum EGT, protecting your turbo and engine.
  • Altitude compensation - Senses ambient air pressure, controlling the turbocharger to maintain added boost and power as altitude increases.
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regen - Monitors your DPF regen status to ensure the process completes successfully.
  • Accelerator Pedal Monitoring – Rolls in additional power progressively, optimizing for both part-throttle fuel economy and max power when you ask for it.
  • Full Power Timer - Allows for 30 seconds of wide-open throttle before transitioning to the recommended power level for sustained tow/haul.
  • Coolant Temperature Monitoring - Maintains safe power based on coolant temp.
    • During warmup, no power is added below 120° F
    • Power is ramped in and fully available above 150° F
    • If the coolant overheats for any reason, the Derringer starts removing its power at 230° F
    • Additional power is totally removed if you exceed 240° F

TransCommand® Active Transmission Safety System

The Derringer is calibrated to modulate power during shifting while ramping up hydraulic pressure for better engagement. Competitors lack OBD-II data and always add power at wide-open throttle causing excessive transmission, clutch, and torque converter slip and damage.

  • Intelligent Shift Tuning - Shift signal is optimized for the power level protecting the transmission, increasing shift speed, and avoiding ECM power derates.
  • Boost and Fuel by Gear - Calibration is tuned for optimum traction and performance providing the right firmness of shift automatically.
  • Tuned Hydraulic Pressure - Ramps hydraulic pressure faster than stock, maintaining engagement as power is added safely within factory limits.
  • Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) Monitoring - Adjusts TCC slip to safe levels, lowering fluid temperature, and preventing extended wear.
  • Transmission Slip Monitoring - Light throttle shifts remain smooth and firm, full-throttle shifts are solid and decisive.
    • This reduction in slip time also improves acceleration performance, an added benefit!

ActiveSafety® Health Monitoring

The Derringer is the only tuner available that includes Active Safety® health monitoring circuitry.

  • Internal diagnostics check system 250 times per second
  • Checks MAP and FRP signals and monitors CPU activity
  • Activates in event of failure or loss of 12V power
    • Bypass relays smoothly return stock power
      with no loss of power or "Limp Home" Mode.

Stock L5P Turbo Limits

The factory turbo is done at 505 flywheel hp, that’s a gain of 60 horsepower. Above that point, the turbine drive pressure increases dramatically as does EGT and no more boost is available to safely add horsepower. Anyone who claims to deliver more doesn’t understand this engine.

  • Derringer connects to your OBD-II port. It sees the whole picture.
  • After thousands of man-hours on the dyno and crunching data in the engineering office, we had the best gains – 61 hp and 112 lb-ft of torque.
  • Derringer delivers 505 hp and 1001 ft-lb of torque! 60 hp and 91 ft-lb of torque at the flywheel over stock!

The Derringer L5P is the most sophisticated inline tuner available. We hope you have as much fun driving with it as we did making it.