BMW 325i/E36/M3 525/E34 1993-1995 MS3Pro PNP Plug and Play

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1993, 1994, 1995 BMW E36 MS3Pro Plug and Play Standalone Engine Management System

Replace your “413” or “506” DME with a tunable racing ECU! This BMW E36 ECU allows tuning your 1993-1995 BMW E36 (including the 1995 BMW M3!) with a laptop to handle any mods you can throw at these engines!

The BMW E36 MS3Pro Plug and Play fits the following applications (Confirmed for US market vehicles)

  • 1993-1995 BMW 325i with M50 motor and manual transmission
  • 1995 BMW M3 with S50 motor and manual transmission
  • 1993-1995 BMW 525i with M50 motor and manual transmission

***Compatibility with the European M3 has not been confirmed at this point. This ECU does not fit the earlier M50 non-VANOS cars with the 0-261-200-402 DME.***

Includes mounting brackets that allow a direct fit in the stock 3-series ECU mounting location. For 525s, the ECU will plug into the stock harness, but can be difficult to install in the stock location.

1993, 1994, 1995 BMW E36 ECU — MS3Pro Plug and Play Features:

  • Fully Plug and Play Installation – No wiring required for basic functionality.
    • Average install time is under 1 hour!
  • Base map is pre-loaded to help your engine start on the first turn of the key
  • Real time tuning and data logging with a laptop connection
  • 8 GB internal data logging with built in SD card
  • Supports most aftermarket wideband sensors/controllers

Fully Tunable Engine Control!

  • 16×16 Fuel Tables allow high resolution tuning
  • 16×16 Ignition Tables
  • Multiple Acceleration enrichment strategies
  • Closed Loop Idle Speed Control
  • Air Conditioner Control
  • 6 sequential fuel injector channels with individual trim tables
  • Onboard peak and hold drivers support both high and low impedance injectors – No external ballast resistor is needed!
  • Allows removal of stock MAF sensor
  • VANOS control

Advanced Feature Set (Included!)

  • 12×12 Air Fuel Ratio Target Tables for use with wide band O2 sensor for precise tuning and table trim.
  • Multiple traction control strategies
  • Built-in 3-step rev limiter / launch control with flat shift and burnout rev limiter
  • Time based timing / boost increase after launch
  • Real time barometric correction
  • Internal 4-bar MAP sensor reads up to 44PSI of boost
  • Overboost protection
  • Closed loop boost control (Requires EBC solenoid kit)
  • CO2 based boost control
  • Set boost by RPM and throttle, ground speed, or gear
  • Rally style anti lag
  • Water injection control – on/off or variable
  • Knock sensor input with adjustable sensitivity, crank angle windowing, and more
  • Table switching input. Change fuel and spark maps on the fly for different fuels, nitrous activation, etc.
  • Input for flex fuel sensor – switch between E85 and gasoline on the fly!
  • Supports many aftermarket dashes/displays such as Racepak, Race Technologies, AiM Sports, AEM, Dakota Digital, Autosports Labs, Perfect Tuning, etc.
  • CANBus connector allows interconnection of other MegaSquirt-compatible devices for additional functions (EGT Input, Automatic Transmission Controller, Additional Sensors…..the possibilities are limitless!

What you get in the box:

  • BMW E36/E34 MS3Pro Plug and Play ECU
  • RS232 tuning cable (2 of them actually to allow extended length)
  • Tuning Software and Documentation on USB memory stick with three base maps included
    • Stock M50
    • Stock S50
    • Modified S50 with upgraded cams and independent throttle body intake
  • 6′ Vacuum Hose for MAP Signal and ‘T’ fitting
  • ECU mounting brackets to attack to stock E36 hold down points
  • Registered version of TunerStudio and MegaLog viewer included

Direct replacement for the following DME part numbers:

  • 0 261 200 413
  • 0 261 203 506

If your ECU / DME has a different part number, please contact us to see if this ECU is compatible with your vehicle!