Banks Brake, Exhaust Braking System, for Banks Exhaust for 1999.5 Ford F250/F350 7.3L Power Stroke, with Banks Exhaust

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Banks revolutionary design produces stronger braking power than other exhaust brakes. The large-bore housing, streamlined to increase airflow and diffuse exhaust, adds to engine power when Banks Brake is inactive. Banks engineered in a timed valve closure rate to prevent backpressure spikes common to other exhaust brakes and provide smooth operation. Every unit is factory tested and never requires calibration.

Banks Brake, Exhaust Braking System for use with 1999-1999.5 Ford 7.3L, Banks Exhaust

Note: Banks Brake and Banks Power Elbow cannot be used on the same vehicle.

  • Zero maintenance
  • Value-Priced Braking!
  • Controls Downhill Speed
  • Saves brake wear-and-tear
  • Computerized brake controller
  • Increases engine power when not in use
  • Pays for itself in reduced brake wear and brake maintenance
  • Up to 12% more stopping force than standard exhaust brakes
  • Note: SmartLock required for Automatic Transmission (#55266)

Emissions Compliant: D-161-140

US Patent #6,152,853 A


  • Cast, large-bore brake housing
  • High-force, 4 inch vacuum actuator
  • Computerized Brake Controller (CBC)
  • Large butterfly valve with super-alloy shaft-and-bearing system
  • Stainless Monster T.O.P. turbine-outlet pipe
  • In-dash switch
  • Wire loom
  • Mounting hardware

Note: Banks Brake and Banks Power Elbow cannot be used on the same vehicle.