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2009 - 2011 8th Gen Honda Civic Si Stage 2 Turbo System

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Product Description

**This kit does not include a turbo itself, this must be purchased separately**

Fitment Notes:

  • JDM Front End Civics & Non-OE Bumpers

Please Read Before Ordering:


Technical Notes:
Our bolt-on 8th Gen Civic Si (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011) turbo kit requires no cutting or modifying of the vehicle to install! Designed with simplicity in mind, we pride ourselves on easy installation, quality, efficiency and performance. There’s a reason customers and install shops all around the globe prefer PRL Motorsports turbo systems over competitors’.
This kit offers the largest compatibility with the largest variety of turbochargers to suit a wide variety of power goals; compatible with all T3 frame turbochargers utilizing 4” compressor inlet (intake side), 2” or 2.5” compressor outlet (charge pipe side) and 2.5” (also known as 3” T3) V-Band turbine outlet. We have selected a handful of Garrett & Precision Engineering turbochargers that we feel offer the best power curve by default. Feel free to give us a call, though, if you wish to utilize another turbocharger choice!

Performance Gains:
Standard setups typically produce about 450 - 475 horsepower (DynoJet) on 93 octane and 15 psi. These numbers have been proven countless time on stock internal engines at over 100,000 miles. This kit has mode 850+ horsepower!

Kit Includes:

  • 304 stainless steel Schedule 10 T3 turbo manifold w/ 44mm / 46mm V-Band wastegate inlet flange (can be used with TiAL MV-R wastegate)
  • 304 stainless steel 3” downpipe w/ flex section (slotted 3-bolt flange fits stock and aftermarket exhaust systems)
  • 304 stainless steel dump tube w/ 44mm 46mm V-Band wastegate outlet flange (can be used with TiAL MV-R wastegate)
  • Precision Turbo & Engine PW46 46mm V-Band wastegate
  • 600 horsepower core divided end-tank intercooler (proven to over 900 horsepower)
  • Intercooler mount / bumper beam
  • 2.5" mandrel bent aluminum intercooler piping (powdercoated textured black)
  • TiAL Q 50mm Blow-off-Valve (BOV)
  • 4”intake pipe (powdercoated textured black)
  • 4” Air Filter (oiled)
  • Breather filter (oiled)
  • 4-ply silicone couplers
  • 304 Stainless steel guided T-bolt clamps and liner worm gear hose clamps
  • Bag 1: Hot parts hardware
  • Bag 2: Mounting & intake air temp hardware
  • Bag 3: Oil feed line hardware
  • Bag 4: Oil drain line hardware
  • Bag 5: Braided PTFE clutch line
  • Bag 6: Vacuum line hardware
  • Heat wrap and gold reflective tape
  • Foam mounting piece


Compatible Turbochargers:

  • Precision Turbo & Engine 5558, GEN2 5558, 5858, 5862, GEN2 5862, 6262, 6266, GEN2 6062, GEN2 6266, GEN2 6466, GEN2 6766, Garrett GT3071R, GT3076R, GT3082R, GT3582R, GTX2861R, GTX2971R, GTX2976R, GTX3071R, GTX3076R, GTX3576R, GTX3582R, GTX3071R GEN2, GTX3076R GEN2, GTX3576R GEN2, GTX3582R GEN2, GTW3476, GTW3684, GTW3884, Comp Turbo, Turbonetics Turbo and more!
  • S-Cover Compressor Cover (4.00" Inlet / 2.50" Outlet) or GT-E Compressor Cover (4.00" Inlet, 2.00" Outlet)
  • T3 Turbine Inlet / 2.50” (T31 3.00”) V-Band Outlet
  • .82 A/R Turbine Housing Recommended for Best Results!
Precision turbochargers are available in journal bearing and ball bearing. Garrett GT and GTX turbochargers come standard with dual ball bearings. The GTX line features billet aluminum compressor wheels while the GT line features cast aluminum wheels. Billet aluminum compressor wheels are lighter than cast aluminum wheels which makes for faster spool and better top-end power. Turbochargers equipped with "GEN2" technology feature newer, more efficient compressor wheels and/or turbine wheels (depending on turbo) for more improved top-end power and spool.

Intercooler Stencil Instructions:

-Clean and make sure your intercooler is dry.
-Place the cardboard stencil onto the front of the intercooler (Make sure the intercooler is not upside down, the PRL logo is on the driver's side end tank).
-It is recommended to tape down the stencil to have a sharp logo and to avoid moving.
-Mask off or cover the end tanks to avoid overspray.
-Apply a high temp engine enamel style spray paint (we recommend Duplicolor DE1635 Ford SemiGloss Black, any color can be used).
-Multiple coats may be needed to have full coverage, this varies per color.
-Allow to dry 30-60 minutes before installing the intercooler.
-If any mistakes are made such as runs/overspray acetone or paint thinner can be used to remove any unwanted paint or to remove the stencil entirely, though this will take some time.

-Keep the stencil handy and in a safe spot without bending if you would like to refresh your intercooler after years of road debris blasting it! (Stop blowing holes in my ship!)